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First Aid Guides - OSHA & ANSI guideline First Aid manuals and guidebooks

We offer First Aid guides and booklets that can be used in a First Aid kit or cabinet, and for teaching or sharing first aid principles. They cover everything from CPR and the use of an AED to treating minor/major wounds, burns and injuries to most parts of your body and even giving First Aid treatment to your dogs and cats. Get your First Aid information in bulk from 68¢ or single copy.

First Aid Guides: Handy First Aid Booklets & Handbooks covering basic CPR + First Aid Steps and Information

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Emergency First Aid Guide

Emergency First Aid Guide 500/ cs

ITEM / SKU: GFAP-67-01

Emergency First Aid Guide, 38 pg.
Book Size: 4 x 5.5

This first aid guide covers the following:

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction
Universal Precautions and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Section 2: CPR and AED
Emergency Action Steps
Pediatric Pads/System
Adult Compression-Only CPR
Rescue Breathing

Section 3: Basic First Aid
Emergency Moves
Physical Assessment
Recovery Positions
Major Wounds
Minor Wounds
Bites and Stings
Dental Injuries
Eye and Nose Injuries
Injuries to Limbs
Injuries to the Spine
Sudden Illness
Specific Conditions
Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Frostbite and Hypothermia

Our OSHA/ANSI First Aid handbooks may vary from time to time with updates and publisher availability.

Practical Pet First Aid for Dogs & Cats - Book

Practical Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats - Book

ITEM / SKU: 10147

This book provides simple but effective methods for you to follow in an emergency. Hopefully, it will endow you with the confidence in your ability to stabilize and support your pet prior to your veterinarian's professional care, service and expertise.

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The text is written in an outline format highlighting known facts about your pet's physical characteristics. This detail can be used in helping to identify conditions and to support your pet during traumatic or stressful situations. Familiarity with your pet's physical characteristics as well as its behavior provides key baseline information. Your knowledge and intuition are important pieces of information that only you can supply. Providing proper care in an emergency increases the odds of a happy ending, or at the very least gives one the knowledge they did the best they could for their pet.

About the Author

Mark Anderson, DVM, is a 1975 graduate of Iowa State University. Working as a general practitioner for nearly two decades in the rural communities of Elmwood and Spring Valley, Wisconsin provided Mark the opportunity to experience a wide range of emergency situations and health conditions of pets, horses and farm animals.

During these experiences, owners needed explanations of what was being done and why. Technical terms failed to communicate a true picture of Mark's veterinary procedures, thus he developed a style of communicating to laypersons which is used in this book.

Being inquisitive and actively involved with the evolution of veterinary medicine, Mark continues to work with practitioners and manufacturers developing practices that are routinely used by consumers and professionals worldwide. An emphasis on companion animal wellness led Mark to conceive the idea of a simple text that pet owners could reference in emergency situations, thus the evolution of Practical Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats.

Good reading and good health for your pet and family.

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