Antimicrobial Wipes - p.a.w.s.

Convenient wipes that are formulated with 66.5% ethyl alcohol so as to you help meet CDC, OSHA and APIC requirements for handwashing. The wipes also come with aloe vera so to add moisture with each use and avoid drying out hands. The convience of these wipes plus the fact that they kill 99.9% of germs make these a handy tool in the absence of soap and water.

p.a.w.s Antimicrobial Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and and meet OSHA, CDC and APIC standards...

5"x8" Personal Antimicrobial (Kills Germs) Wipes, 100 per box

Personal Antimicrobial Wipe - 100 per box

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Personal Antimicrobial Wipe - 100 per box

5"x8" Personal Antimicrobial (kills germs) Wipe - 100 Per Box

p.a.w.s.® antimicrobial hand wipes are formulated with 66.5% ethyl-alcohol to help you meet CDC, APIC and OSHA hand washing recommendations and aloe vera to add moisture with each use. The individually wrapped p.a.w.s.® towelettes come in convenient mini pouches and pull out canisters. p.a.w.s.® wipes not only kill 99.99% of germs, but they also remove debris and soil from hands and under fingernails, an important function in the absence of soap and water. p.a.w.s.® has demonstrated virucidal activity against HIV and Avian Flu A in 15 seconds. (Results of in vitro time kill test studies)

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