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Instant Cold Compresses

Chemical Cold Packs / Instant Ice Packs / Instant Cold Compresses temporarily relieve minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints. Our Instant Chemical Cold Packs are conveniently disposable with no pre-chilling required for quick, effective relief. Be sure to note the substantial savings when purchasing in bulk quantities - from just 28¢ per pack!. New Urea Cool Packs can be expressed shipped with no Hazmat fees, too - call Toll Free for questions or information. We Manufacture our own Instant Cold packs, so the savings go straight to you - see our instant ice packs at wholesale, when you buy bulk! Check out the COOL Kids Ice packs. Also see: Ice Wrap Reusable Hot & Cold Packs  Heat Packs & Warmers NEW! Hot or Cold Pack? Learn When and How to use Cold for Injuries!

Where else can you buy individual and boxed cold compresses & wholesale bulk instant cold packs from 28¢?

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