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Body Warmers & Heat Packs

Hand, Pocket, Glove & Body Warmers / Heat Therapy: Air activated charcoal warmers are lightweight pouches containa mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, sawdust, and vermiculite. When exposed to the air, an oxidation process takes place that generates heat. Contents are biodegradable. Unopened, these warmers have a shelf life of three years. Related Items: Heat Wrap, Reusable Hot & Cold Packs NEW! Hot or Cold Pack? Learn When and How to use Heat Packs for Injuries & Frostbite!

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How air activated charcoal warmers work:

  1. Open outer package & remove the warmer
  2. Place warmers in pockets
  3. Enjoy the HEAT... It’s that Simple!

For hands, toes, gloves, body, feet, pockets,, gloves, etc.

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