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First Aid Fundraising

Fundraiser First Aid Kits


The Original First Aid Fundraiser™

Image of red burst / star readgin: One hundred percent markup and profit.

Success Stories:

We purchased 800 kits for the Cub Scouts and 200 kits for the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts have not yet started their fund raiser effort but the Cub Scouts have done really well with this program. As of last Tuesday, we have sold 668 kits with commitments from many families to sell the remaining 132 kits. We fully expect to sell all 800 kits by next Tuesday. This was a great program - the 668 kits were sold in 3 weeks. This fund raiser was so successful that we are looking at other items you offer for next years fund raiser.

Thank you,
Stephen D
Pack 29 Cub Scouts Mobile, AL

Image of auto and home first aid fundraising kits.

You'll ♥ Our First Aid Kit Fundraiser™

You'll love Our First Aid Kit Fundraiser™

First Aid Fundraising Program... simple steps to big profits... 100% Mark up or greater! 50% profit guarantee... first aid is needed everywhere, home, business, events... with this unique healthy alternative fundraising program you can meet your fundraising goals while offering a nice alternative to the typical candy, candles, magazines, and gift wrap! Buy them for $4 Sell them for $8 or more... (Most groups sell for $10 per kit)


*Note: FREE SHIPPING FOR 510+ Kits
LIMITED TIME FUNDRAISING SPECIAL - FREE GROUND SHIPPING IN 48 CONTIGUOUS US STATES AT 510 KITS! CALL TOLL FREE FOR THIS OFFER! In order keep the price of these kits so very low so you can make a great profit for your group, we cannot honor free shipping for orders under 510 kits year round - Limited time offer @ 510 subject to change without notice.

Plus FIND OUT BELOW how to get a FREE Automated External Defibrillator (for Schools only)

Two amazing First Aid Fundraising Program Items... Home or Auto First Aid...

  1. Order the Sample Pack
  2. Download Your FREE Customizable First Aid Fundraiser Promotional Pack and Order Form
  3. AND GO GET 'EM!

What an EASY Sale! Buy them for $4 ~ Sell them for $8 (or $10)! Easy enough? Pre-Sell, or sell at your fundraising event or Door to Door.

After you have taken your orders, just fax in your order form, or return here to place your order online!

Click for: Success Stories Free Brochures Order Today

FREE Downloadable Fundraising Starter Kit Includes

(click on whichever your want to download):

Additional Sales Tools:
  • 5 sample fundraiser first aid kits (mixed) in a Fundraiser carry box. (purchase below for just $20 including Great Door-to-Door Carry Tote - FREE!)
  • Use these samples for training, and carry them along in the convenient carry box to show your buyers!
  • Some successful Fundraisers have purchased the kits in advance so they can sell them immediately at their event or door to door... Online Special Each Starter Pack of 5 Mixed Home & Auto Fundraiser kits ordered online comes with the fundraiser carry tote.
  • See our NEW "Plan D" ("D" is for Defibrillator) below...
    Get a FREE Automated External Defibrillator (for Schools only)

3 Easy Ways to RAI$E Money...

GREAT WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, go take orders! BETTER WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, ORDER A SAMPLE PACK BELOW TO SHOW YOUR "Customers", go take orders!

MOST SUCCESSFUL WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, PRE-ORDER AS MANY AS YOU EXPECT TO SELL, go take orders! (We have seen 40% higher returns when the "customer" can get an immediate exchange of the kit for their is the BEST way to get high sales, whether Door-to Door, take home, or at an event ~ You do not have to ask the "customer" to trust that they will receive something in the future, they get it right then and there! (You can still take orders for more when you sell out!)

CONTACT US for more information about First Aid Fundraising!


Plan D ("D" is for Defibrillator) - Get an AED FREE!! Sell 300 Kits and Get an AED FREE for your School!

Every school should have Automated External Defibrillators, so we put together a plan that makes it easy for YOU and YOUR KIDS to raise money for AEDs. All you have to do is sell 300 First Aid Kits and you get a FREE AED in your school - PLUS special discounted pricing on accessories and replacement parts. NOTE! This is a different program than the standard First Aid Fundraising kits sales programs - be sure to read more information, or email us for more details on the Great AED for Schools Fundraiser...


Image Plan-D fundraising AED

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